Privacy Policy

Ari Group Limited TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED COMPANY ("Ari Group Limited") provides various services to its users in an electronic environment by prioritising confidentiality and security for user information.

These electronic environments include remote access to any services made through the mobile application and website at aricoin.io

Ari Group Limited undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the information obtained about the users within the framework of this "Privacy Policy"and the "Information Text on the Processing of Personal Data" respecting personal rights.

Ari Group Limited;

  • Ari Group Limited takes the necessary security measures with information systems to prevent any unauthorized access to secured information.

  • Ari Group Limited employees have access to this information only within the framework of the principle of "need to know" and "limited and as needed".

  • Ari Group Limited carries out any and all kinds of actions regarding the acquisition, use, storage and sharing of user information with other parties in accordance with the protection of personal data and other legislation provisions and internal regulations within the company.

  • In this context, all kinds of information related to users are obtained, used, stored, and shared with this third party in case of receiving support service from a third party to provide a better service experience to users and to fulfil the obligations clearly defined in the laws.

  • User information is not shared except for the shares made within the scope of the relevant legal legislation and the consent of the users within the scope of the provision of services.

    • Ari Group Limited may monitor and collect tracking information for usage, including, but not limited to, phone number, date and time of access, device type and device ID, operating system and hardware setting, browser type, information and version, IP address and certain information received from WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), language location, through users' access to and use of the services. Some information (such as camera, photo gallery, phone number, access date and time, device type and device ID, operating system and hardware setting, GPS, device MAC address, installation list, device ID, UUID, IMEI) may be obtained directly through Ari Group Limited or third-party service providers. You can reach our detailed information text on how these data are processed by Ari Group Limited under the heading "Information Text on the Processing of Personal Data".

  • Unless otherwise stated in the Ari Group Limited Terms of Use or in the Information Text on the Processing of Personal Data, user information is processed only in accordance with the purposes of fulfilling the service requested by the user and protecting the legitimate interests of Ari Group Limited and is not subject to activities such as marketing and / or product offering exceeding the service demand if the user does not have explicit consent. Such messages are sent only to users who have granted commercial messaging permission.

  • Ari Group Limited will inform the relevant users in case of obtaining personal data by malicious and unauthorised persons as stipulated in the legislation.

  • You can access our detailed information text on how user information is processed by Ari Group Limited under the heading "Information Text on the Processing of Personal Data".

  • Some of our electronic service environments may link from time to time to certain electronic media, such as third-party websites. The commitments and principles contained in this Privacy Policy apply only to Ari Group Limited's electronic service channels and do not cover other third-party environments. Other electronic media to be accessed via the link may have different and unique privacy assurance and terms of use, and these terms may correspond to a lower security level than those provided by Ari Group Limited.

  • Accordingly, Ari Group Limited cannot be held responsible for the use of information, ethical principles, privacy principles, quality and service quality of third-party electronic media that are passed for advertisement, banner, content or any other purpose in our electronic service channels and any material / moral damages and losses that may occur in these environments.

  • This policy has been prepared in Turkish and English, and if there is a difference between the two versions, the Turkish version will be taken as the basis.

Each of our users using the Ari Group Limited Teknoloji platform and other electronic service channels is deemed to have accepted the above-mentioned conditions.

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