ARI Coin Airdrop

Introducing the Aricoin Airdrop, tailor-made for Aricoin's groundbreaking digital asset! Join us for the chance to claim a share of the record-breaking 200 million ARI reward pool. Don't miss out—register now to secure your victory!

Fulfill the Necessary Conditions and Take Your Place in in the ARI Coin Leaderboard Ranking

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Collect ARI Coin Points by completing tasks with ARI Coin Airdrop and earn ARI Coin every month

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Unlike Ordinary Airdrop Processes Earn Rewards for 10 Months with ARI Coin

Reward Pool (Monthly) 20

03 days
00 hours
45 minutes
32 seconds

Aricoin Leaderboard

The ARI Coin Leaderboard is reset every month and shows the distribution of ARI rewards based on the points earned by the participants.

Rank User Information AricoinPoint
1 Rio*****

4017811 ARI

2 KAD*****

3112532 ARI

3 Vos*****

3011025 ARI

4 Wul*****

2427811 ARI

5 Seb*****

2266412 ARI

6 Ruf*****

1525214 ARI

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